Our Story

 “You wear a lot of hats”. This quote has been used often to describe Scoop Lo. Born into a first generation Jamaican household music has been in his life since he could walk and talk . At a early age he was a avid storyteller and took a interest in dance. This interest in storytelling would be sparked by hip hop particularly LL Cool J. Scoop learned of the hip hop ladies man and was fascinated with his image. He was interested in rb and pop music but rarely saw anyone in the hip hop genre blending the dancing with the rhymes. As he got older the mixtape circuit was ablaze and he wanted to be apart of it. He landed on a few notable DJ mixes but he felt like something was missing. His father asked him why he didn't move in his showcases. So he started studying Usher,Michael Jackson and finally fell onto Missy Elliot. When he saw she didn't jeopardize her lyrical ability and still grooved it sparked him. He began working with World Renowned Entertainment management. This led to a few high school tours throughout the tri-state and midwest regions. After time Scoop began embarking on his own endeavors which ended up with him parting ways with the management company. During this time he started gaining radio play and opening for major artists one of the most notable Trey Songz. This attracted Stephen Strother who was instrumental in Usher's first record deal. He introduced him to then Defjam Ar director Shani Gonzalez who signed him to a development deal. During this time Scoop juggled college and pursing his dream. He ended up graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a B.S. in marketing. He went on to continue recording working with array of labelmates while joining the BET blaze the stage tour's west coast leg. During this time a mixtape surfaced with him and rb crooner LLoyd titled Debonaire Hearts as promo for both artists. It was well received but short lived not long afterwards Scoop was released from Defjam digital. He started recording records and landed on It's a party which gave him some international success including landing a Quiksilver Pro France campaign and a sponsorship deal threw Exclusiv vodka. Taking time off from the stage to work behind the scenes with major and independent artists Scoop has found himself submerged in in music again.. Recently releasing Dorian Gray vol 1 with Bad Girl as the lead off single( produced by Nic Nac and CandN beats respectively) threw his own imprint The Debonaire Group. Sounding fresh and hungry as ever We may be in for a ride yet again.